NCKDSS Funding Assistance Grants


Grants are NOT based on the financial status of the family, and will be awarded based on availability in the fund. Receipt of a grant in one year, does not guarantee receipt of a grant the following year. Recipients must be a resident of the NCKDSS Service Area which includes Cloud, Clay, Republic, Smith, Ottawa, Saline, Lincoln, Washington, Jewell, Mitchell, Russell, Osborne, Ellsworth and Dickinson Counties. Exceptions at Board discretion.

The funding for NCKDSS Grants comes from donations and fundraisers. Once funding has been exhausted, no additional funding will be available until the following calendar year. Priority will be given to those applicants who have not applied and received proceeds earlier in the year. Payment wil be in the form of either reimbursement with proof of payment being submitted to the NCKDSS or proceeds being forwarded directly to the provider of the item or service bing purchased. Applications will be reviewed on a need be basis by the NCKDSS Board unless otherwise noted.

Family Grant

The Family Grant is made available to the members of the NCKDSS to provide financial assistance which directly improves the life of the individual with Down syndrome. Grants are awarded based on the availability of funds, and may be used for a variety of things not falling under other Grants offered by the NCKDSS or under those grants that no longer have funds available. Included, but not limited to recreational activities or equipment such as hippo therapy, dance classes, team sports, or swimming, and transportation to get to the events, therapeutic services or equipment such as speech, occupational and physical therapy and transportation to get to the events. Awareness projects that promote opportunity, equity and inclusion for individual with DS and their families by promoting civil rights for individuals with DS, promoting positive public awareness of DS or providing support to individuals with DS and their families. Assistance to promote NCKDSS activities or to recognize support. Any books, equipment, etc. purchased with the funds must display the NCKDSS label (provided with grant).

Medical Expenses Grant

The Medical Expense Grant is made available to the members of the NCKDSS to provide financial assistance for direct medical expenses and extended Hospital Stay Expenses. Direct medical expense grants are awarded in the form of checks payable to the service provider.

Educational Grant

The Educational Grant is made available to the members, family, friends, educators, and/or students of the NCKDSS to provide financial assistance for Educational Purposes to extend their knowledge of a variety of issues related to DS. To include, but not limited to

Annual National Convention Grant

The Annual National Convention Grant is made available to the members of the NCKDSS to provide financial assistance for the purpose of attending the National Convention. Preference will be given to those families that attend and participate in Society Events, with an emphasis on the Racing for Down Syndrome Awareness event. Due to the variation of locations and costs of the Annual National Convention, the Grant will be reviewed yearly.

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